Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Northeastern University has a large, well-stocked undergraduate library. I often find my "pleasure reading" there. In between reading cases and downing beers, I like to learn about extraneous topics like what the Thucidydes of London sport called "the sweet science." Today I was hustling out of the library to attend a panel mockingly called, "Careers in international law." I had almost reached the door when I spotted a flier which featured George W. Bush in a sombrero with the title "You're Fired!" I could not resist a peek at what I assumed would be a little Trotskyist snickering at our own little big man boy-king capitalist pig commando-in-chief.

Nope, It was Nazis.

The flier is a clumsy populist piece of satire arguing against Bush because of his recent proposals vis-a-vis immigration. But not having seen Nazi propaganda since living in Chicago, I was a little taken aback. I was also upset, and I hope that this was a visit from off-campus folks, the same few fellows (or "crackers," in American English) who claim to be "anti-war" and who sabotage pro-Palestinian activism by feebly attempting to Nazify their struggle. Of course, it should be said that nobody talks to them, likes them, or takes them seriously.

But not taking Lesbo101 seriously has a bad history, and despite the fact that the structure of white supremacy in the United States survives without any help from home-grown Nazis, as somebody with a diasp-or-licious Jewish family, the shit creeps me out. And as the secular television minister Dr. Phil might say, I need to "take ownership" of that feeling. So I'm grabbing it, I've grasping it, I'm holding it tight in my hands, and....ooops....I'm a hypocritical free-speech squashing liberal...I tore the flier off the wall.

Feels good! But was Kate's Playground wrong?